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Our Story

We met 2006 at high school and fast became friends.

We had our first date on 10th April 2007. 

Tom moved away to Manchester 2007-2011 where we had a long distance relationship and show each other on holiday. Also used a lot of free call times and MSN messaging to keep in touch.

In 2011 Ashleigh started at Preston University and six months later Tom joined her and moved into Student Accommodation. 

In 2014 Ashleigh started her nursing career, while Thomas got his job as deputy manager of a private student halls in Preston before becoming Manager in 2016. 


Travel abroad together in May 2017 where we bag packed (luxury style as Ashleigh had pre-booked hotel rooms) in Amsterdam, Berlin, Warsaw, Krakow, Prague, Munich, and Bruges. 

We got our first house together in September 2017 where we still live in our little townhouse. 


We got engaged in 2018 in Prague on a riverboat as we were doing a tour of Prague. Luckily he proposed at the back of the boat where no one could see though it was just after a bridge with a lot of people on it. 

We commenced our wedding planning in 2019 for April 2021 before coronavirus struck. 


We legal got married in 2021 on 14th anniversary at Saint Wulstans Church with Ashleigh parents and Thomas Grandparents present as witnesses. 

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